Emma Waddell, Dolls House Grand Designs

“I am a professional dolls house designer and decorator and have used the Dolls’ House Workshop houses and shops for many of my discerning clients.

I look for high specification and quality in the houses, I have to look at things like, ceiling height, number of windows, size of rooms and most importantly the quality of the material and the way it fits together. These are things for anyone to consider when buying a house or shop as it will give you the most versatility. The Dolls House Workshop houses meet all my criteria from the smallest cottage to the larger stately homes, all this and exceptionally good value too.”


Denise Ames, Tudor Rose Miniatures

“We have been working with the Dolls’ House Workshop for about 10 years.  The quality of the product, the prices and the level of customer service is excellent.  Compared to the competition, The Dolls’ House Workshop is less expensive and we like the houses because they have more character.  We don’t buy dolls’ houses from anywhere else.”


Graham Barlow, Miniature Scene of York


“I have run my business for around six years and my predecessor bought from The Dolls’ House Workshop.  The products are very good quality and reasonably priced.  The after-sales service is second to none; and this is a quality I really appreciate.  Christine is very knowledgeable and knows the answer to any question!”


Graham Barlow, Miniature Scene of York


“The range is very good; there is something for everyone.  We have favourites and most popular ones but the range caters for every taste.   The Dolls House Workshop products are manufactured in Britain, they are not imported and this is reflected in the quality.  It is also easy to get spare parts – usually the next day.”


Cindy Fitzpatrick, Harlequins Dolls House and Miniatures Shop


“We have been working with The Dolls House Workshop since it started. The products are reasonably priced and they supply ‘different’ pieces that no-one else sells.  The range is good, especially when it comes to the small buildings like the Tudor boxes which are particularly popular.”


Julie Newport – Julie Anne Dolls Houses


“We have purchased from the Dolls House Workshop since we started up in 1997.  The quality of the products is excellent and the service is fast – usually next day.  I’ve met with Christine a few times and I can honestly say the Dolls’ House Workshop is our No 1 supplier.”


Julie Newport – Julie Anne Dolls Houses


“The all-round service and whole package is first class; from the houses to the service itself to the delivery and contact.”


Harry Allery, Dolls House Cabin


“We are the only sole stockist of dolls’ houses and miniatures in Essex and we have worked with The Dolls House Workshop for many years.  They have a great selection of products at reasonable prices.  From all the companies we deal with, they also have the best people at the end of the phone.  Christine is brilliant – more like a friend than a supplier.”


Harry Allery, Dolls House Cabin


“The selection is good – the Beech and Ash houses are the most popular. The service is second to none.  If I phoned the Dolls’ House Workshop today, I know I would get the product tomorrow.  There is no quibble if there is a problem.  It is so simple to deal with The Dolls’ House Workshop.”